Scrap My Dodge

Get A Cash Offer & Sell Your Broken Dodge in Auckland and Beyond.

A Dodge is a reliable, rugged and efficient option for a car, but no matter how great a car is, it will eventually come to the end of its useful life. When that happens, you need to know that you have an option to sell that Dodge and get a good price for it. Unfortunately, most car buyers want a car in excellent condition, and if you’ve loved your Dodge for many years, it won’t fit the bill.

Scrap My Dodge

The scrap value for a junk Dodge vehicle is minimal and doesn’t typically factor all of the extras that your car has. If you’re wondering “Where can I Scrap My Dodge?” you need an option that will provide the right price and pay quickly.

If you want to find someone who will buy your Dodge for a fair market price, look no further than WRECKLAND. With our help, you can get a fair price quickly, get that Dodge out of your driveway and move on with your next car purchase.

It’s simple, fast and convenient to sell your Dodge to us! We help sellers dispose of cars with body damage, mechanical damage and more every day.

Best Place to Sell My Dodge

So what’s the best way to sell a Dodge fast? The answer is with Wreckland. When you sell to WreckLand, you get a fair value based on your car’s specific features, condition and location. Because we consider these factors, we pay more for your Dodge than the junkyard or auto salvage yard in Auckland, and we can look past the damage that private buyers can’t ignore.

Selling your car is easy too. Simply request your quote online, accept the guaranteed offer, and we will come to you with a check to pick up your vehicle. Start your offer now!

Sell My Dodge Locally

Trademe and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list your Dodge for sale to local buyers. Yet is this the best way to sell a Dodge? When you start to list your car, you’ll see that there are hundreds of local cars also for sale.

If you get any interested buyers, you have to find a way to meet with them safely so they can test drive the car, and there’s no guarantee that they will like it. Local buyers want to get a nearly perfect car, and the dings and dents yours has will devalue it in their minds. Selling  car locally online is not the best way to sell a Dodge if you’re trying to get a top price for it.

Here Are The Various Models Of Dodge That We Supply Parts for:

    • Challenger, Avenger, Ram, Durango, Charger, Nitro
    • Intrepid, Magnum, Stratus, Journey, Caliber, Dakota
    • Viper, Caravan, Daytona, Dynasty, Neon, Omni
    • Raider, Ram Van, Ram Wagon, Rampage, Shadow


We are Auckland car wreckers of all salvage vehicles, if your selling a damaged car look no further we pay cash for write offs | damage repaired | re-possessed | stolen recovered | engine damaged | salvage trucks.

If your looking into Scrap My Dodge & its 1990 registration or newer we will buy your car simply visit our salvage car page and complete the form we will call you back within 1 hour or at a time you prefer to discuss a price and collection.

Our specialist collection vehicles can pick up cars with ease no wheels, suspension damage, twisted chassis & the lowest of sports cars.