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Car Salvage & Disposal Auckland & North Shore

Auto Recycling

Do you have an unwanted car which you really need to get rid of?

Wreckland buy cars in any conditions going/not going, mechanical, no road no rego no problem!

We will come to you, wherever you are! Auto Recycling operates a metropolitan and rural car buying service covering Auckland region.

With almost a decade of experience in auto wrecking and car removal, and recovery of vehicles. Auto Recycling have a fleet of well maintained trucks working round the clock to help our customers and keep there backyard and garages clean. Give us a call before giving your car away.

We provide free car removal service and towing. Our services and quotes for old cars are unmatched in Auckland city and suburbs. We also buy trucks, vans, utes and 4wd and pay top dollar for it

Looking for a company who is after scrap cars for cash?

The removal of old and unwanted cars can become a real problem if you’re not in touch with the appropriate people for the job. And the wrong people aren’t after scrap cars for cash. In fact, they may even charge you for a car removal.

That’s where we are able to assist you. Wreckland is an easy procedure that should not be made more complex than it has to be by time consuming phone calls to companies in awkward places. It should be a strait forward action that allows you to book your appointment without any stress. And pay you cash for scrap cars.

Get Paid for Recycling Your Vehicle

At Auto Recycling, we offer car disposals and junk removals from suburbs throughout Auckland. Whether you looking for a car removal company in Auckland to remove old, unwanted or abandoned cars, or looking for clean up service for your scrap car, Wreckland is the best option.

We deal with all kind of removal services like old car removal as well as removing scrap or used cars. We also provide car removal for cash in Auckland, offering free towing services.
The most advantageous benefit for the car owner is that at Auto Recycling, we offer instant cash for your car, whether it is in a condition to be reused or needs a disposal.

It is not just removing your scrap car or getting handsome cash for junk cars that matters. It is car recycling that actually makes a difference.

If you are seeking car removals in Auckland, please contact us today for locations and availability. We offer car disposals and junk removals from suburbs throughout Auckland. If you are seeking a car removal in Auckland, please contact us today for locations and availability.

We offer free car removals for most junk and scrap vehicles. Depending on the condition and make of the car, we may also offer cash for it.

Wreckland operate in Auckland region yet has business partners across New Zealand, find the nearest Auto Recycling Branch: Hamilton auto recyclers, Wellington auto recyclers, Christchurch auto recyclers and Queenstown auto recyclers.