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Car Removal Orakei

Don’t waste your time at an used car buyer or going through trademe. Sell your unwanted used, pre-owned car to WRECKLAND for instant cash. We provide free towing, friendly service, and you can get same day cash for your Car Removal Orakei.

“How Do I Sell My Car?” Wreckland is The Solution

Do you have an unwanted vehicle that’s cluttering your garage or driveway? Sometimes cars just can’t be returned to glory days, no matter how much you want them to. And nobody wants to invest in a car that can’t function and just sits in a garage or yard, collecting rust. For over a decade, Wreckland has been Auckland’s #1 source for people around the metropolitan area to sell their used, broken-down clunker car.

Instead of waiting for the next person to respond to your advertisement, call Car Removal Orakei team today! Our car removal services work quickly to take your used or unwanted car off of your hands, and then pay you cold-hard cash for it. Don’t wait–call us today!

Whether you have a car, truck, SUV or van 

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We accept a wide range of vehicles from all newer and old makes, therefore, we happily quote prices for any type of vehicles in any condition and as a result, we book them for removal on the same day. Just quickly have a look at rather famous and common models that we usually purchase every day.

Wreckland will pay cash for your used vehicle today. We buy all makes and models in any condition throughout the Orakei area:

The Wreckland Advantage

For over fifteen years, Wreckland has been paying cash for used, pre-owned, and unwanted cars all throughout Auckland and North Shore areas. Our staff is committed to no-hassle car removal services, giving you cash on the spot for your car, van, SUV, or truck. With our friendly, easy service there is no reason why you should spend the time, energy, or money trying to sell through the trademe or to a used car dealer.

The Benefits of Car Removal Orakei

Not only will you enjoy not having to go to a car dealership or spending the time it takes to do a classified ad online, there are some other benefits that you can enjoy when you choose Wreckland.

  • You will get your cash on the spot or at least the same day.
  • No matter the make or the model of your vehicle, we will buy it from you.
  • The entire process beginning when you call us and ending when we drive away with the car could literally only take one or two hours.
  • The condition of your car is not an issue. We will purchase vehicles that are in any condition, poor to fantastic.
  • We are open every day from 7am-7pm so that whenever you want your car taken away, it can happen.
  • You will receive a no-charge, no-obligation quote from our experienced appraisers.
  • You do not have to deliver the car (although you can). We will pick it up at no charge.
  • We will work with you to get the paperwork ready from the NZTA.

Wreckland will Buy Your Car – No Matter The Condition

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Getting a quote with Wreckland is very easy. You simply need to call or contact us online for our Auckland car wreckers service. We’ll need you to answer a few short questions such as vehicle mileage, type of car, and whether or not it is running. We can give an accurate quote once we know a little bit about the car. We won’t try to trick you at all either when it comes to getting paid. Others in the industry give cash for cars companies a bad name. We’d like to change that by offering a good fair price for your vehicle.

If you want to Sell Your Car, contact us here at Car Removal Orakei and get top dollar for your vehicle today! 0800 11 39 30.