How Much Do Wreckers Pay Cars in Auckland

Looking to make some quick and easy cash from your old, damaged or unWOF vehicle?

How Much Do Wreckers Pay Cars in Auckland

Wreckland will buy your car outright for up to $9000 in cash – no need to wait for a cheque to clear or direct debit to be transferred!

How Much Do Wreckers Pay Cars in Auckland?

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You can find out how much your old car is worth by filling out a FREE online quote form or calling us on 0800 70 70 99 today! Depending on the overall condition of your car, we provide cold hard cash for up to $9000 in exchange for using your vehicle as scrap metal. Typically we are handing out between $200 and $9,000 to each of our customers daily!

The Manufacturing Year of your Unwanted Vehicle

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If your old vehicle have tuned into an ugly piece of scrap. Just don’t hesitate in selling it to your local vehicle wrecking company in Auckland If you decide to hold it for a few more years, then its value will lower down even more. Thus, it will not only waste the valuable space on your property, but will also end up being worthless. As its metal parts and components will start gathering rust and dust and start degrading with time.

Why You Might Consider Selling Your Car As Scrap Car Buyer?

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When you have an older car that you do not need anymore and want to get rid of it, there are a variety of options that you have to think about to get rid your vehicle. Most people are going to take it to car buyers business and get a trade in or might try to sell it privately to someone who might be looking for a car. While these options do give you some money, selling your scrap car might be a better option to think about. Find out the situations and reasons why this might be a much better option at times.

Why Wreckland?

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We recycle your scrap metal – that means cars, trucks, 4WD’s and car bodies too. It also means that those harmful chemicals that are still in your damaged or unused car will be disposed of or recycled responsibly using specialized equipment. We protect and limit chemicals from our sites from being split into our local waterways and being hazards for humans and animals alike.

Want to find out how much your old car is worth? Contact Wreckland today for a quote by calling 0800 70 70 99  or filling out our online form!

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