Junk My Ford Auckland

Guide on Selling Unwanted Ford Cars 4WDs, Vans  &Trucks in Auckland Region

Junk My Ford Auckland

If your Ford vehicle is accident damaged, worn down, and insurance write off, we will take it off your hands. We accept all sorts of Ford mechanical & body conditions, and never turn anyone away. Wreckland have taken Ford vehicles without wheels, engines, doors, and rusted down to its frame. The best part is that we pay you to remove your Ford for free.

Ford Scrap Market Value in Auckland

In this section, we will look at the different Ford models and how their scrap value measures up against each other. Since the prices of scrap vehicles fluctuate due to market changes, we will be displaying the possible amounts in percentages; these percentages reflect how much that model would fetch if scrapped when compared to the average price of Ford vehicles being scrapped.

For example, if the average price of a Ford being scrapped was $1000, then a Ford model that would be worth 50% when scrapped would potentially be worth around $500.

Model Average Scrap Value
Ford Fiesta NZD1200
Ford Falcon NZD1000
Ford Ecovan NZD1400
Ford Escort NZD800
Ford Festiva NZD700
Ford Focus NZD1000
Ford Transit NZD2500
Ford Ranger NZD4000
Ford Ka NZD600
Ford Explorer NZD3500
Ford Mondeo NZD800
Ford Motor Home NZD7000
Ford Escape NZD350
Ford Territory NZD2000
Ford Custom NZD2000
Ford Everest NZD3500

*All data recorded between Nov 2021 and Jun 2022

Getting The Best Price for Your Scrap Ford Locally 

If you are thinking about getting rid of your Ford vehicle, then we are more than happy to help you! We deal with many different kinds of new and older Ford cars models. We work with many different models such as Ford Everest, Fiesta, Focus, Ranger, Kuga, Territory and more!

Yes! We have been buying  Old and Unwanted Junk Cars for Cash on the Spot. Not only do we want to buy complete cars, but subject to condition we’re even paying cash for broken and or, unused cars that you may have.

To get the very best price for a Ford car, many people do their own research on the auto wreckers in their local Auckland area, call around to get the best prices and do some homework to find out which cash for cars companies are reputable and trustworthy.

OR, you could make things much easier for yourself and simply sell through Ford Wreckers. We’ve already done the hard work and research for you to make the whole process as easy and straight forward as possible.

We’ve spent years seeking out the most reliable, reputable and competitively priced cash for cars wreckers across the whole of Auckland region. Whether you live in North Shore, in Manukau or in a more remote Northland location, we’ll be able to get you a fantastic price from a local dealer who meets our highest standards of service.

My Ford is too good for Ford Wreckers – what now?

Even if your Ford car is too good to be scrapped, there’s no reason why we can’t still take it off your hands at WRECKLAND. We’ll still give you a quote, hand-picked from our network of Ford car buyers, and offer you the best cash price for your unwanted Ford vehicle.

You’ll find the process hassle-free and you’ll still be able to get rid of your old car, without wasting any time or effort selling your old Ford vehicle or having to buy a new car in exchange.