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Scrap Car East Tamaki

    Looking for Cash for Cars in East Tamaki then it’s Gonna be WRECKLAND

    Scrap Car East Tamaki

    Have you got an used or unwanted vehicle that’s been taking up more space than it deserves? Are you ready to let go of that Toyota that hasn’t been started in over a decade? Call Scrap Car East Tamaki service and make your removal one that pays off in the end. We’re the removal company that Tamaki residents turn to when they’ve got an unwanted car they need removed quick and are looking to obtain a pretty penny in the process. At Auckland wreckers we don’t charge for removals- In fact, we’re keener on putting cash in your pocket! If you are looking to hand over the car number plates or anything regarding the car licensing please visit NZTA.

    1. Have you got a Scrap Car?
    2. Have you got a used truck? Tamaki truck wreckers want it!
    3. Have you got a wrecked 4×4? 4×4 wreckers want it!
    4. Have you got a junk van? Wreckland want it!
    5. Have you got a damaged commercial vehicle? commercial wreckers it!
    6. Have you got a unwanted boat? cash for boats want it!
    7. Have you got a Ute that’s been damaged in an accident? Scrap Car East Tamaki team want it!
    8. No matter the make or model, we’ll pay TOP cash for your unwanted vehicle!
    9. No matter the age or condition, we’ll give you TOP dollar!

    Wreckland will remove your unwanted vehicle free of charge!

    Whatever make and model, no matter what the age and condition, we will PAY YOU to come remove it for free!

    Selling Unwanted Car to Scrap Car East Tamaki Team

    Brisbane wreckers

    ‘Scrap Car East Tamaki’ offers top car removal and cash for cars service in all Auckland southern areas and surroundings. Selling your car to us is very easy and simple. We provide 100% satisfaction with easy 3 steps to sell your unwanted car same day or a convenient time. We are Auckland’s top Cash For Cars service provider having many years experience and buying dozens of cars for top dollar.

    You can definitely earn up to $9000 for your old, unwanted car. Contact us on phone:  0800 11 39 30 for an instant FREE quote.

    You can also contact us by submitting an online inquiry. We can definitely take your old, unwanted car away and take that eye-sore off your hands, freeing up much-needed space.

    Instead of letting your old, unwanted car, truck, van or SUV collect dust and occupy valuable space, get in touch with our team.

    We will ensure it’s removed fast and properly disposed and recycled. We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you can definitely sit back and relax while we efficiently handle each and every phase of car removal.

    Plus, once our drivers have successfully removed your old car or truck, you can count on Wreckland to properly dispose every single piece of the car in the most eco-friendly way possible. We often go out of way to ensure that every removed vehicle is properly recycled and we always do our best to avoid using a landfill.