Scrap Chevrolet

Turn that Unwanted Chevrolet into cash!

Scrap Chevrolet

Most old American cars are worth something, even if it’s just the value of the scrap metal. But when you’re considering selling an old car, it’s important to understand what separates a Scrap Chevrolet from a Classic Chevrolet. Old doesn’t always equal worthless, and sometimes just the opposite is true. Of course, old doesn’t always equal classic either.

If the Chevrolet has little value or is in good mechanical condition, junking it for cash is probably the best option. With our Scrap Chevrolet service, most people make at least a couple hundred dollars — even if the car doesn’t run — and there’s little work involved. That’s a far better deal than having your car hauled off to the Auckland wrecking yard, which will cost you. Wreckland will give you an initial offer without requiring you to share any personal information.

Sell your junk Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Siverado…

Wreckland buy all types of Chevy vehicles, from trucks, SUVs and vans to old sedans and Scrap Chevrolet. Popular models include the Beretta, Blazer, Caprice, Cavalier, Corsica, Impala, Lumina, S-10 pickup and Suburban. We also purchase heavy-duty trucks. Click on our “get an offer” tab to see if your make and model are accepted for cash.

Some recent sale prices for various models include:

  • 1999 Blazer – $600
  • 1996 Cavalier Wagon – $350
  • 2002 Tahoe – $900
  • 1995 Suburban – $700
  • 1999 Corvette – $1500
  • 1994 Lumina  van – $400
  • 2000 Camaro – $7000

Dismantling Chevrolet in Auckland

car wreckers Auckland

The crew at Auckland Wreckers is also passionate to collect and dismantle Chevy models. We welcome all Chevy to our wrecking yards, whether it’s a Chevrolet Caprice, Impala, Camaro, Enjoy, Cruze, Express, Montana or Colorado. Not just these, we will buy any Chevrolet including SS, Corvette, Express and so forth.

Auckland’s emerging supplier of American used spare parts

Wreckland own a huge salvage yard that stocks a variety of American second hand parts including Chevy models. All our parts offer high-performance near to new ones. As we take all American brands, you can freely book any particular part of your choice. And if you are unable to find one, one of our expert Scrap Chevrolet staff members will be there to help you. Until then contact us for all your Chevrolet Truck needs and we’ll be sure to stock the parts you want FIRST, obligation free!

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